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Soul Warming Soups Facts:
Soul Warming Soups are gourmet Soups that are flash frozen and are produced by Blount Fine Foods, the maker of famous restaurant soups.

*Stays Frozen for around 4-5 hours when left in Original Cases
*Should NOT be placed by HEAT
*Product may NOT be RE-FROZEN, however if edges are soft, it may be placed back in Freezer.

*If center is soft it MUST be placed in Refrigerator and consumed in 3-5 days.

*Frozen Soup is best if used One Year from Production Date on Bag. (Good in Freezer for up to 1 year.)

*If edges are exposed to air, Soups will begin to thaw.

*Suggestion is to Fill Soup Order when Parents/Customer arrives.

*If Pre-Sorted, Frozen Soups are best if kept with other LIKE Frozen Items.