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Listed below are heating instruction options for your Soup Bag:

Heating Instructions Option #1

“Simple” Heating Instructions 4lb & 2lb “Soup Bags”:
Thaw under cold water.
Open bag and pour in slow cooker or warm on stove, low heat to 165 degrees.

Caution: Soup will be hot.

Heating Instructions Option #2

Large Pot “Boiling” Instructions

 4lb & 2lb “Soup Bags:

  1. Place “Soup Bag” in rapidly boiling water of a Large Pot
until internal temp. reaches 165 degrees F. 
(approximately 20 minutes from thawed or 40 minutes from frozen)

  1. CAREFULLY remove HOT bag from boiling water and
shake bag until contents are mixed thoroughly.

3. CAUTION: bag is hot handle with CARE.

4. CAREFULLY cut the corner of bag and empty contents into serving container.

5. Hold and serve at 150 degrees F.

*Chicken & Wild Rice #99217 Stove Top Directions:

(Brown Rice is prepared Al dente)

Open bag and empty in Sauce Pan

Bring to 165 F and then simmer on stove top 20-25 min.
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