A “Dinner & Desert Fundraiser” 40% Profit!
OTIS Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough

 18 items (Cookie Dough and other Delicious Items!)
 $16 per tub - Earn $6.40 Per Tub (Cost is $9.60)
 The #1 Selling and Tasting Cookie Dough!!
Otis Uses:
Cage free eggs
Real butter
Palm oil
 No hydrogenated oils
No preservatives!

Soul Warming “Soup Bags”
 A Healthier Option for your School or Group!

 9 Kinds Soup (4lb & 2lb Frozen bags)!
 $18 & $13 a bag (depending on the region)
 38- 40%Profit-2013

Gourmet Soups
  A Homemade Meal in Minutes!
 No Preservatives!
 Uses the Freshest Ingredients!

Other Benefits:

We help with a Kick Off Plan and Creative Incentive Program!
All Data Entry of Students Orders into Otis Excel and Soup Excel
Pick Sheets available for Soup & Otis Orders!
Local Delivery Trucks “On-Time” Deliveries!
 We will arrange Soup Delivery w/ Otis Delivery!

2012 Fall School RESULTS

900 Soup Bags/1,500 Otis Tubs sold- Hathaway, Portsmouth,RI

$16,000+ profit!
450 Soup Bags/1,000 Otis Tubs sold – L.G. Nourse, Norton, MA

$9,000+ profit!

500+ Soup Bags - Westport M.S. 8th Grade, Westport, MA

$3,500+ profit!

 Estimated 40% Profit Calculator:

Sell 650 items – earn around @$4,000 profit

Sell 950 items – earn around @$6,000 profit
• Gourmet Soul Warming Soups and
• #1 tasting Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough
Add It Up Fundraising!
Phone: 401-655-6872