1. Two Weeks Before
- Send Note to Staff & Teachers
- Send Note to Families
- Pre-pare type written notes/letters & review plan
  1. One Week Before
- Receive Flyers/Envelopes/Posters
- Place Posters around School/Organization
- Send News Release to Local Paper
- Send E-Mail to Teachers/Staff
- Send E-Mail to Families/Electronic Phone messages
- Assemble packets w/ 4 volunteers
  1. Kick Off
- Have 4 volunteers go to Classrooms/Groups to Kick Off/hand out packets
o Review Incentive, Goals, Items, Dates, etc.
- Or Host Kick Off Event!
- Make announcement over load speaker
- Pre-pare Sample Cookies or Soup to Teachers lounge
- Hold cookie and/soup sample day/night for parents/members
  1. Reminders
- Send Note home on “last weekend to sell”

- Send E-Mail reminder, Phone Call Reminder, etc.
- Send Note home “Last Day”
- Request Volunteers for Tallying Day & Delivery
  1. End of Fundraiser
- Have 4- 6 Volunteers helping tally sheets’
- Make sure Dollars match Totals
o OTIS & Soup – make sure # of Tubs are totaled to bottom
o Make sure Classroom/Teach name is Coded on all Forms
- Hand forms: ABC order or Classroom ORDER to ADD It UP to be entered into Excel
- Or Inquire for Excel to be e-mailed to you
- OTIS –Forms of 90+ or more may be UPS’s out for Data Entry!
- Confirm Delivery Day with Add It Up Fundraising
- Send Notice about Delivery Day/Location
6. Delivery
- Organize 3-4 hour Delivery time, Arrange 4 -6 Volunteers per hour
- Bring Grocery Store Bags, Red Wagons or Hand Trucks to help distribute
- Have Check In Table, and Check Out Table!! (very important to insure accuracy)

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