1. End of Fundraiser

 Confirm Delivery Day with your Local Representative
 Ask For “Delivery Reminder Note template”
 Send Notice about Delivery Day/Location
(2 notes, 2 E-mails, 2 phone calls, 2+ load speaker announcements! etc. )

  1. Delivery

 Organize 3-4 hour Delivery time, Arrange 4 -6 Volunteers per hour
 (depending on size if 900+ item Order, have 9+ Volunteers)
 Place Soup Signs around According to Order Form!
 Bring Grocery Store Bags and have Parents bring their own bags!
 Bring Red Wagons or Hand Trucks to help people to car
 Supplies: Sharpies, tape, staplers, Original Order Forms
**Best System at Distribution is to Fill Orders when Parents get there!
 A Check in Table staffed w/ 1 Volunteer
 Have Volunteers available to walk w/ Parent to get their order
 Have 2 Volunteers at Check Out Table – Review w/ Parent Order AGAIN!
 (if prizes, have at Check Out table)
 Have Parent Sign off that they reviewed Original Order Form w/ Pick Sheet & It Matches!

   3. About Products:

    Soul Warming Soups (made by Blount)
Stays Frozen for @4 hours when left in Cases
Should not be placed by HEAT
Do Not Pre-Fill Soup Orders!
Fill Soup Order when Parents/Customer arrives!
(Once Product is sorted it will thaw quicker)
If edges are soft it may be placed in Freezer (good in Freezer 1 year)
If center is soft it must be placed in Refrigerator and consumed in 3-5 days

End Fundraiser & Delivery
Add It Up Fundraising!
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