Our Story….
Add It UP Fundraising, llc. began January 31, 2004 by Andrea J. Gallagher, with two intentions:

1)to help offer a local, more affordable Fundraiser to Schools and Groups through Cookie Dough and other Food Related products. Allowing them to make more profit for their cause.
2) to start a business so that her husband could transition out of the industrial sales industry into a ministry/teaching career. Today, Aug. 1, 2013, by the Lord’s Grace and leading, Matt and Andrea Gallagher are Owner’s of Add It Up Fundraising, llc. and have a Team of Independent Sales Representatives.
Add It Up Fundraising Consultants works with over 100 Schools each year to help provide:
1) the best customer service,
 2) Quality Premium Fundraising Products,
3) Healthier Options
(A way for schools and groups to raise the most money in a wholesome, educational way!)

In Fall 2006 while driving down the street in Warren, Rhode Island, Andrea was talking with the Lord and asking what new Fundraiser she should do? And she heard the word “Soup” and as she drove, she passed the Blount Seafood Company!..… So the story begins of the “Soup Bag Fundraiser” and in the Fall of 2008 Soul Warming Soups was introduced as a “new” healthier Fundraiser – 4lb Frozen Gourmet Soup Bags. And the “Dinner & Dessert” concept was born! Soup & Cookie Dough! Andrea’s First School, Hathaway, Elementary Raised over $20,000 with the “Dinner & Dessert” Fundraiser! In 2009 a 2lb Bag was introduced to the product offering, giving a more affordable option.

(…..Matt Gallagher taught 2 full years as a Teacher at a Christian School 2010-2012 and today while, managing the Management and Accounting aspects of the business, he continues to teach: Algebra 1, Bible and a “Wilderness Class”. The Owners have 3 boys, Ages 16, 14 and 10!)

“In All your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight”
 Proverbs: 3:6
Add It Up Fundraising!
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